Urban Green Energy

UGE makes the complex simple.

With over 330 MW of experience worldwide, UGE provides full-service energy solutions to commercial and industrial clients using industry-leading technology. We bring more affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy to your business through our:

  • SOLUTIONS-BASED APPROACH. UGE puts your needs first. We develop energy systems that are easy to manage and non-interruptive to business continuity. 

  • ENGINEERING EXPERTISE. Recently named among the Top Solar Contractors by Solar Power World, our team of more than 20 engineers are among the best and most experienced in the field.

FOCUS ON VALUE. Solar energy systems offer countless contributions to a property's value, and a company's sustainability efforts and bottom line. We offer you a competitive advantage through immediate energy savings. 


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UGE is Ranked Among North America's Top Solar Developers by Solar Power World