Urban Green Energy

About UGE


UGE is on a mission to power the world with renewable energy.


Our History

UGE was founded in 2008 by Nick Blitterswyk, who spent his early years of childhood on a Canadian nature reserve, and never lost his desire to preserve the resources and beauty of the Earth. Nick returned to this idea when he set out to change the way the world uses distributed renewable energy by building a company that can address the world's various energy challenges with innovative solutions. UGE's ultimate goal is for the world to be 100% powered by renewable energy -- we've been a leader in the industry and it's growing quickly, but there is still a long way to go. 


UGE provides the only comprehensive distributed renewable energy solutions with the necessary versatility, durability and energy security to be implemented across the range of challenging environments businesses and governments face. Solar and wind complement each other and together with storage technologies and remote monitoring systems address their needs at the nexus of energy cost, security and sustainability. We have designed and created the most durable and versatile wind turbine, and are leading the industry in remote monitoring and control and power electronics. In addition, UGE has developed its proprietary site assessment and planning platform, which has allowed it to deploy solutions in over 80 countries around the world from its headquarters in New York.


UGE is a committed team of individuals working together towards one goal: to make the world a better place. We are “above the noise”—we hate pollution and use innovation to accomplish our mission. It’s not a question of politics, but of the environment and the choices humanity can make. We firmly believe in a greener and cleaner future. We do what we do because we care.


We envision a world where renewable energy is part of our daily lives. From the retired couple living in a secluded area off the grid to the campus of a Fortune 500 company seeking to offset its energy consumption, we offer the most versatile, innovative and reliable solutions to fit your needs.


UGE and its staff believe in three core values: Be Green, Be Great, Have Fun. We started UGE and work here because we believe in a greener future. We aim for nothing less than excellence in everything we do, and we do it with a smile. By following these three core values, we provide the most effective solutions for your energy needs and provide the best support in the industry. We look forward to working with you!

Our Sustainability

UGE is a company dedicated to making sustainable living accessible to even the smallest household or community. Our commitment to the environment is not limited to our products; we are also dedicated to becoming a sustainable company through emissions and waste reductions, sourcing sustainable materials, engaging the community in sustainable practices, and ensuring the longevity of our company and our projects. In these ways UGE aims to embrace all three pillars of sustainability – economic viability, social responsibility and environmental impact.


UGE’s sustainability objectives are as follows:

  • Engage the community in UGE’s sustainability projects and empower them to commence their own by providing educational tools, products, and a platform for exploring renewable energy solutions that are adaptable to many scenarios.
  • Reduce overall waste output, including the use of harmful chemicals
  • Commit to engaging with companies in our supply chain which have strong sustainability goals
  • Ensure that UGE is a company that is structured for a long lifespan, financial stability, and ability to give back to the community
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by company activities and processes
  • Ensure safe and healthy practices in all UGE workplaces, through education about and encouragement of safe practices and provision of equipment for safe practices where necessary
  • Maintain company transparency and accountability so that we can continue to improve